Puppetry Arts Presents:
Live Full-Orchestra Showcase of musical Selections 
June 11 & 12 @ 12-noon Regal Theatre 106 Court Street Brooklyn
              Funded by the New York Department of Cultural Affairs & Private Foundations. Suitable for ages 16 & Up. www.puppetryarts.org 


Inducing subjects such as faith and death, the fully orchestrated musical “Anthropomorphic” parallels the definition of anthropomorphism through a story of imposing social standards and choices on one another and by incorporating puppets and human-like insects and animals.

“Anthropomorphic” reaches into an edgier line of musical theatre tapping into current social struggles. The musical infuses images and internal battles of a young man’s battle of self-awareness and social intolerance leading to his inevitable suicide.

The story is told between the moment of a gunshot at the opening of the performance and the end of the musical when the main character, Wesley, accepts that the gunshot has taken his life. By accepting his death he learns that no one can take from him anything more and he discovers that he is in fact some one to be loved. Suitable for ages 13 and up.