Timothy Edward Young


Book & Lyrics/Composer

In the 25 years as a professional puppeteer and writer, Timothy Edward Young has created multiple musicals for families as well as designing and overseeing the construction and performance of the diverse puppet characters that make up the productions. He is the creative force and performer behind the charming character Tuffy Tiger, adored by preschoolers everywhere. As the Chief Executive Director of Puppetry Arts New York,  Mr. Young works closely with staff and volunteers to implement programs at schools, teach workshops, produce theatre programming and community events impacting over 30,000 people annually. In 2016, Puppetry Arts New York published Tuffy Tiger’s first album “Songs & Music For Me.” Expanding his impact and audience using puppetry in musical theatre, Mr. Young composed the lyrics, book, and songs for the epic musical Anthropomorphic. Having work-shopped the musical since 2009, Anthropomorphic has over 26 original songs by Mr. Young and incorporates mask and puppetry of all shapes and sizes infusing his own style and design.

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