Story Synopsis

Becoming more assured of who he is, Wesley’s actions and attitude begin to project his personal and emotional acceptance of his homosexuality. His mother notices and fears whom Wesley is turning into when he finally comes out to her. She tells him that God cannot love a gay son and neither can she. His mother breaks apart and Wesley runs to his boyfriend James only to be pushed away. Feeling unloved Wesley cries for a way out when bullies hunt him down and beat him till he bleeds. Wesley finds a gun and in the purgatory of his suicide, he is thrust into world of anthropomorphed insects, scorpions, and spiders. Because it is said that humans are made in God’s image, the Spiders in this strange land killed humans for the sacrament of their blood wanting to be closer to God. When the humans disappeared from this world, the Spider’s thirst for blood was quenched by attacking all creatures until they were stopped by the Scorpion Warriors and peace-seeking Crabs. Wesley’s presence stirred up the fear that the Spiders would return, when in fact under the secret protection of the Scorpion leader they never left. Hunted by both the Spiders and Scorpions, Wesley fights his way through this unrelenting forest. He befriends a sloth, an old dragon, and with the support of a Cricket and a Moth Wesley is taken on a journey to discover that he is in fact someone to be loved.